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Office led light


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LED Panels are beneficial solution for offices and various public facilities. Their dimensions are 60x60cm and stable luminous flux reach 110lm/W. Product design uses LEDs placed on back panel which thanks to diffusive lenses ensure even light on front cover but thickness of product is only 30mm. Additional advantage of PANEL 1 LED light is No Flicker driver which delivers stable light.

High luminous efficacy - up to 50% energy savings. High luminous flux 4400lm. Even light on front cover. It allows easy modernization of conventional lighting. Light with a natural color and high color rendering index. Four mounting options. Lifespan up to 25,000 hours. Working temperature from -10° C to 40° C. Has a anti-glare protection which preevents from blind eye effect.

LED light suitable to use for:

  • Office lighting

  • Hospitals, laboratories, corridors, places of sale, schools, public facilities.

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